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Dental Health Important for Children and Adults Alike

It's time once again for the annual National Children's Dental Health Month (NCDHM), a program sponsored across the United States by the American Dental Association.

The 2014 NCDHM will be taking place this February, and Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to support the initiative. In fact, we'llchildrens dentist - fun poster to promote dental health even be taking part firsthand, by visiting the local Clarksville School and providing students with some essential information and ideas, and hopefully a fun presentation which encourages them to follow simple at-home dental health steps.

At Parmar Dentistry, we've always placed a premium on patient education, as well as striving for prevention before bigger problems develop. As such, the 2014 NCDHM serves as another way that we get involved with the community, and try to ensure that everybody in the Clarksville and Columbia areas have the proper dental health habits, information and resources to succeed.

NCDHM is a very important program, because proper dental health habits can easily build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and a great smile, while conversely, the wrong habits or a lack of information can spiral out of control and lead to major oral health problems.

This year, the 2014 NCDHM has the message, "Join the Super Smile Team!" and features different materials and posters aimed at either younger children or teens. At ADA.org, you can find all of those great printable posters, as well as a variety of fun ideas for activities with your children.

Many of these you can even do at home with your own children, too. For example, kids love the "apple decay demonstration" and it's an effective way to demonstrate how tooth decay can spread, too. You can set this up at home for an interactive little science experiment, and there are several other easy experiments and demonstrations you can setup as well.

Parmar Dentistry is dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest level of dental care and customer service, and we're excited to help raise awareness across the community as well. Children love Dr. Parmar! The office and the dental examal are geared towards kids of all ages so they feel comfortable.

If you have any questions about the 2014 National Children's Dental Health Month, or how we're getting involved at Parmar Dentistry, then give us a call at 410.531.5639. Of course, it's also a great reminder to schedule that checkup examination for your children, too. So if they're overdue for the next appointment, be sure to call our office and we'll fit you in as soon as possible.

It's no secret that most children are sad at the end of summer, and the start of another school year. Still, it can be an exciting time of the year, back to school means back to the dentist - schedule an appointment with a dentist when school startsas children get to embark on new adventures, reconnect with their friends and classmates, and continue through educational journey and development into adulthood.

There are many tasks and to-dos, from buying school supplies and shopping for new clothes, to getting back into the routine and schedule of school, ferrying children around to their sports and activities, and everything else. Still, it's equally important that at this time of the year you add another small task to the list, and that's scheduling your child's regular dental cleaning appointment.

Many parents lose track of when their kids have last been to the dentist, and when they're due for another cleaning or checkup. However, if you coincide the visit with the start of the school year each September, you'll never lose track. Your kids will even expect it and get into the yearly routine that back to school means time for a quick trip to the dentist as well.

As it's recommended that kids visit the dentist twice per year for cleanings and other basic dental examinations, occasional x-rays and so forth, this takes care of one of those immediately, and will make managing the second appointment at a later date easier as well.

A beginning of the school year dental appointment for kids may also be well-timed for several other reasons. For children playing sports, it can be an opportunity to get fitted for mouth guards or other protective gear.

Meanwhile, it can also be a great time to address an ignored snoring problem, which may actually be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. This not only puts your child at a health risk, but may also be hindering his or her ability to study, to concentrate in class, and to have their full, normal energy levels during the day. Finding out more about this at the start of the year and addressing these concerns can help your child have a happier and more productive year of school than ever before.

Even if you have lost track of your children's dental appointments in the past, it's not too late to start a new routine. Schedule a cleaning for your kids at the start of the school year. Call us at 410.531.5639 and we'll be happy to help you schedule your next appointment for the kids and the whole family.


Adult Braces - Six Months vs. 2 Year Long-Term Orthodontics

At Parmar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we now offer our patients Six Months Smiles braces for adults. Clarksville, MD residents should be happy to know that that we're actually one of just a few providers throughout Howard County, Maryland and this portion of the state. Of course, before you jump right in, it's important to learn more about Six Month Smiles, the benefits of adult braces, and how they compare to two year or long-term orthodontics.

Traditional braces have many drawbacks, especially when compared directly to an alternative such as Six Month Smiles. Conventional systems require a long-term commitment, and are intrusive in terms of the procedures required to place and remove the orthodontics, as well as their effect on your lifestyle and appearance.

However, the benefits of adult braces with Six Month Smiles make the entire process easier, smoother and more efficient. As the name implies, this is a six month program based on average completion time. You aren't committing for a period of years, and you don't have to wait years to see results.

Another one of the benefits of adult braces is that they're actually tailored to what adults are actually looking for. These aren't designed to produce intensive realignment based upon the needs of a child who still has a growing body and developing teeth, but instead, rapid and cosmetic changes targeting the most visible areas of your smile.

Of course, Six Month Smiles is an invisible braces system, utilizing tooth-colored wiring and clear brackets. If you don't tell anybody you have them, then they won't even realize that they're there. Compare that to the awkward, clunky appearance of traditional braces which will help you stand out from the crowd at nearly any distance, in a way you're certainly not looking forward to.

To top it all off, consider the fact that Six Month Smiles is more affordable than conventional orthodontics, as well as veneers and aligner therapy as well, another fantastic one of the great benefits of adult braces. Clarksville, MD adults can be well on their way to a happier and more confident future starting today, and it's all possible with Six Month Smiles.


So please feel free to call our office at 410.531.5639 if you need more information or want to schedule a consultation to receive Six Month Smiles adult braces. Columbia, MD residents now have another great option at their disposal, and Parmar Dentistry is happy to continue leading the way towards providing superior and more innovative treatments to our patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Cosmetic Dentist in Columbia-Clarksville, MarylandCosmetic dentistry has evolved quite rapidly not only over the past few decades, but even in just the past few years. New and improved treatments and procedures are always being developed and refined, offering patients a greater range of high quality options than ever before.

At Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of Maryland, we always strive to stay atop of the latest trends in the industry, new developments and advancements, and all of the best practices of cosmetic dentistry. It's part of our ongoing commitment to provide our patients with the highest level of care and treatment, and to match their needs as completely as possible.

One of the main advancements in cosmetic dentistry has been the development of new materials which are easier to work with, more affordable, more natural looking and hold up for a longer amount of time.  For example, consider porcelain dental veneers as opposed to old-fashioned caps.

Procedures have also been improved over the years, always trending towards being as minimally invasive as possible, and that's something we certainly stress at Parmar Dentistry as well. In addition, we also utilize sedation dentistry so that every patient's trip to the office is as stress-free, comfortable and easygoing as possible. Nobody should put over a treatment which will improve their quality of life, and their health, because of fear or anxiety over the dentist.

Not to mention that another key development in the field of cosmetic dentistry has been the creation of affordable and alternative solutions to a variety of existing procedures. For example, consider our Snap-On Smile solution, an instant-fix for many patients, or Invisalign treatment, an almost invisible option in place of cumbersome and unattractive traditional metal braces.

You may want to get started by visiting our online dental education library, where you'll find a wide range of helpful material on various dental treatments, procedures, terminology and more.

We also welcome you to make an appointment to receive a Smile Analysis performed by our expert team, so that you'll know if you're a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Or you can utilize our home smile self-analysis to determine objective and/or emotional needs and preferences for cosmetic dentistry. Of course, this level of analysis and preparation is simply another great advancement in the field.

Call us today at 410.531.5639 to schedule your appointment, and we'll be happy to provide you with more information about our various cosmetic dental procedures and offerings.