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It's no secret that most children are sad at the end of summer, and the start of another school year. Still, it can be an exciting time of the year, back to school means back to the dentist - schedule an appointment with a dentist when school startsas children get to embark on new adventures, reconnect with their friends and classmates, and continue through educational journey and development into adulthood.

There are many tasks and to-dos, from buying school supplies and shopping for new clothes, to getting back into the routine and schedule of school, ferrying children around to their sports and activities, and everything else. Still, it's equally important that at this time of the year you add another small task to the list, and that's scheduling your child's regular dental cleaning appointment.

Many parents lose track of when their kids have last been to the dentist, and when they're due for another cleaning or checkup. However, if you coincide the visit with the start of the school year each September, you'll never lose track. Your kids will even expect it and get into the yearly routine that back to school means time for a quick trip to the dentist as well.

As it's recommended that kids visit the dentist twice per year for cleanings and other basic dental examinations, occasional x-rays and so forth, this takes care of one of those immediately, and will make managing the second appointment at a later date easier as well.

A beginning of the school year dental appointment for kids may also be well-timed for several other reasons. For children playing sports, it can be an opportunity to get fitted for mouth guards or other protective gear.

Meanwhile, it can also be a great time to address an ignored snoring problem, which may actually be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. This not only puts your child at a health risk, but may also be hindering his or her ability to study, to concentrate in class, and to have their full, normal energy levels during the day. Finding out more about this at the start of the year and addressing these concerns can help your child have a happier and more productive year of school than ever before.

Even if you have lost track of your children's dental appointments in the past, it's not too late to start a new routine. Schedule a cleaning for your kids at the start of the school year. Call us at 410.531.5639 and we'll be happy to help you schedule your next appointment for the kids and the whole family.


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