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Adult Braces - Six Months vs. 2 Year Long-Term Orthodontics

At Parmar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we now offer our patients Six Months Smiles braces for adults. Clarksville, MD residents should be happy to know that that we're actually one of just a few providers throughout Howard County, Maryland and this portion of the state. Of course, before you jump right in, it's important to learn more about Six Month Smiles, the benefits of adult braces, and how they compare to two year or long-term orthodontics.

Traditional braces have many drawbacks, especially when compared directly to an alternative such as Six Month Smiles. Conventional systems require a long-term commitment, and are intrusive in terms of the procedures required to place and remove the orthodontics, as well as their effect on your lifestyle and appearance.

However, the benefits of adult braces with Six Month Smiles make the entire process easier, smoother and more efficient. As the name implies, this is a six month program based on average completion time. You aren't committing for a period of years, and you don't have to wait years to see results.

Another one of the benefits of adult braces is that they're actually tailored to what adults are actually looking for. These aren't designed to produce intensive realignment based upon the needs of a child who still has a growing body and developing teeth, but instead, rapid and cosmetic changes targeting the most visible areas of your smile.

Of course, Six Month Smiles is an invisible braces system, utilizing tooth-colored wiring and clear brackets. If you don't tell anybody you have them, then they won't even realize that they're there. Compare that to the awkward, clunky appearance of traditional braces which will help you stand out from the crowd at nearly any distance, in a way you're certainly not looking forward to.

To top it all off, consider the fact that Six Month Smiles is more affordable than conventional orthodontics, as well as veneers and aligner therapy as well, another fantastic one of the great benefits of adult braces. Clarksville, MD adults can be well on their way to a happier and more confident future starting today, and it's all possible with Six Month Smiles.


So please feel free to call our office at 410.531.5639 if you need more information or want to schedule a consultation to receive Six Month Smiles adult braces. Columbia, MD residents now have another great option at their disposal, and Parmar Dentistry is happy to continue leading the way towards providing superior and more innovative treatments to our patients of all ages and backgrounds.