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Clarksville, MD Residents Respond And We Listened!

What makes the best Dentist?

Finding the best dentist in Clarksville Maryland will make your teeth happy!

Choosing the right dentist can certainly be a challenge, and an important one. A dentist is somebody who not only provides you with importanttreatments, procedures and care, but is also somebody who you should feel comfortable with. So, what really makes the best dentist? Clarksville, Maryland residents have helped to show us just that over the years, as they have continued to come to Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, and trust us to care for themselves, their families and their children.

Quality of Care:

The quality of care and treatment you receive has to be at the top of the list, of course. Treatments should be effective, safe and efficient, and the care you receive should be top notch, careful and error free. Expect nothing less than the highest level of care.

Customer Service:

Customer service is an important part of business, but it's an often overlooked one in the worlds of healthcare, and dental care. We place a priority on meeting our clients' needs in every way, including providing personal support, being easily accessible and easily contacted, and providing education about problems, treatments and diagnoses, instead of keeping patients in the dark.

Advanced Treatments and Equipment:

Any good business evolves with new technology and ideas, and dental care should be right at the top of that list. At Parmar Dentistry, we strive to utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and Dr. Parmar is consistently busy obtaining advanced certifications, attending seminars, and continuing her education and study on the newest and best treatments and care.


Preventing problems before they happen as opposed to simply reacting after the fact is very important. We strive to catch issues before it's too late, and before invasive or expensive corrective procedures are required. Preventative care is always a superior choice as opposed to damage control.

Trust and Comfort:

When you trust your dentist and his or her practice, and you're comfortable visiting them, and bringing your family, that's when you have truly found somebody you can call your personal best dentist. Clarksville families continue utilizing our practice year after year, and we're honored that we have earned the trust of the community, and enjoy referrals from family members, friends, neighbors and more.

Ultimately, we do our best, and work hard every day so that our local clients will hopefully come to regard us as the best dentist. Clarksville, MD residents have plenty of choices for local dentists and practices, and at Parmar Dentistry, we understand loud and clear what you're looking for, and what you need.