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Everything You need to Know About Braces


"Braces" have become a dreaded word for many teenagers and pre-teens, however, not only are they extremely common, they're easier and more effective than ever. In this guide, you'll learn all about braces and orthodontic work from Clarksville, Maryland's leading dentist, Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.


Braces Basics


Braces are applied to teeth to correct crooked and crowded teeth, bad bites, or poorly aligned jaws. These issues could stem from many different circumstances, and may also be inherited.

 The most common age range to get braces is between the ages of 7 and 14, while facial structures are still developing. Adults are also getting braces more frequently today, although the procedures involved are different.

 There are actually three common types of braces:

  • Conventional braces which utilize metal strips
  • Metal and/or plastic brackets which are cemented or bonded to the teeth
  • Lingual braces which utilize brackets that attach to the back teeth


Space maintainers are something entirely separate, and may be utilized most typically in younger children to maintain proper spacing in between to allow for the proper development of permanent teeth.

Today, the field of orthodontia and all orthodontic work has certainly come a long way. The basic process and lifecycle of getting braces includes:

  1. Making a plaster cast or molding of the teeth, and performing full X-rays.
  2. Next, the braces themselves are placed
  3. Scheduled follow-ups and adjustments over the several year period the braces are utilized.
  4. Retainers may be employed following the removal of braces to ensure that teeth remain in their new positions.


Dealing with Braces

 The most frequent questions and concerns we field from patients is how to deal with braces and how it affects their lifestyle. Here are several important considerations and tips:

  • Braces are more aesthetically pleasing than ever, removing much of the stigma and social fears that teens have about braces. They're lightweight and may be natural colored.
  • Braces are worn most typically for about two years.
  • Orthodontic appliances such as braces may require adjustments, and may lead to mild pressure and discomfort.
  • Extra diligence is required to properly remove food particles and debris in between braces.
  • Certain sticky, chewy foods should be entirely avoided while you have braces.


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