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Guide to Dental Crowns

 Dental crowns are one of the more well known types of dental procedures. However, it's important to go over the basics of what they are, how they're utilized, and more, so that you're fully informed before you get them or as you consider your options.

A dental crown is a synthetic cap made out of porcelain or other materials. It's placed on top of a tooth, and is utilized to restore both function and aesthetic appearance following dental procedures most commonly involving tooth decay.

When tooth decay occurs, and advances and spreads, large portions of the tooth may need to be removed. In this case, the crown is placed over the removed portion of the tooth or teeth. It's important to note that as opposed to veneers, crowns cover larger areas.

Dental crowns may also be utilized to cover implants, to protect cracks in teeth or existing fillings, and to attach bridges. Some patients receive dental crowns for purely cosmetic reasons, such as badly discolored or stained teeth.

Crowns are made by creating a cast of the existing tooth. Once this is completed, the crown is permanently cemented into place, although temporary crowns may be utilized in the interim period.

Crowns can last for eight years or longer with proper care and dental hygiene. However, teeth grinding or clenching can reduce this lifespan, as can eating very sticky, chewy or hard foods. 

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