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Guide to Dental Implants

As the local leader for dental implants in Clarksville, Maryland, Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry places an emphasis on patient education, and providing as much upfront information as possible. Here, learn all about dental implants and what you need to know.

Dental implants are actually anchored to the jawbone, or a metal framework which was itself attached to the bone, taking the place of the root of a tooth. Dental implants then act as a foundation for a tooth or a bridge, and may also be used to attach certain types of dentures. Today, dental implants are more natural looking than ever, and they're made from materials such as metal and/or ceramic.

The Dental Implant Procedure

To receive dental implants, surgery will be necessary. The first step is preparing for the placement of the implant, and then completing the placement. From there, a period of recovery will be required, during which the implant will take hold, and bone tissue will build up around the implant to fully anchor it. Depending on the type of implant system utilized, a metal post may be inserted which will connect to the tooth.

Implants will require that an individual has the proper bone density and a strong immune system, and will require strict attention to proper oral health and dental hygiene habits. Anesthesia will be required during implant surgery, and antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection.

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