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Excessive or Uneven Gums: "Gummy Smiles"

In the quest for that perfect, bright smile, our patients have many different questions and concerns. One issue we encounter frequently is that of a "gummy smile", a person who showcases either excessive or uneven gums.

This may not be appealing for that individual aesthetically, although in most cases there are no other risks or side effects. Therefore, fixing excessive gums is most typically a cosmetic treatment. There are some instances though were other underlying issues are causing the excessive or uneven gums, such as how your jaw developed and your teeth erupted.

Several different courses of action may be taken, including a procedure known as a gum lift. A crown lengthening procedure actually removes excess gum tissue, and possible bone, exposing more of the tooth's surface. Other options including surgical sculpting and maxillofacial surgery may also be available.

Removing excessive gums or improving the appearance of uneven gum lines is all about improving the way you look and feel. However, treatment may also improve long-term periodontal health, making it easier to follow proper dental hygiene and preventative care strategies.

To learn more about your options for dealing with excessive or uneven gums, or to schedule a consultation appointment, please call Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Clarksville, MD at 410.531.5639or use our online appointment form.