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Guide to Fluoride: What You Need to Know

 Fluoride is a mineral which strengthens tooth enamel, preventing decay and cavities, and it's something which has become much more widely available via the unique methodology of fluoridated water. Water fluoridation, while not entirely without controversy, is endorsed by almost every major health organization in the world. It's inexpensive, simple and effective.

Here's some important information about fluoride:

  • The ADA currently estimates that at least 144 million U.S. residents live in communities with fluoridated public water supplies. Other estimates indicate that as much as 72% of the country drinks fluoridated waters, which would be closer to 225 million.
  • Optimal fluoridation levels range from .7 parts per million to 1.2 PPM, depending on climate.
  • Water fluoridation began in the United States in 1945 and quickly began to be utilized across the country.
  • Drinking bottled water, and using home water filtration systems, may both hinder the maximum effectiveness of fluoridated water.
  • Although fluoridated toothpaste is all marked with a warning that swallowing could lead to serious danger, the ADA has said that a child could not absorb enough fluoride from toothpaste to pose any serious health threat.
  • However, too much fluoride at a young age may result in enamel fluorosis, and defects in tooth enamel.

 For more information on your community's water system and fluoridation, visit the CDC's My Water's Fluoride.

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