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Wisdom Teeth Information & Removal

Wisdom teeth are one of those dreaded phrases for most people in terms of their dental health and care. They are the third set of molars which adults have, and the final teeth which erupt, all the way in the back corners of both the lower and upper mouth.

However, wisdom teeth cause problems. This is due to eruption too close to permanent teeth which already exist. Problems include crowding, improper bites, pain, inflammation, and even infection. When wisdom teeth become impacted, they become even more painful, and harmful to your overall oral health.

To avoid these problems before they start, or to resolve them once they occur, many adults will have their wisdom teeth extracted. The lack of wisdom teeth does not generally offer any negative side effects for most people.

Depending on your circumstances, you may only need one or several wisdom teeth removed, as opposed to all four. Additionally, even if all four need to be removed, they may or may not all be extracted at the same time.

After wisdom teeth are extracted, there may be swelling, pain and bleeding. Follow proper care tips and take painkillers as prescribed, and you'll likely need to take one or several days off from work.

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