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A Guide to Mouth Guards & Mouth Protectors

Mouth guards, or mouth protectors, are worn during contact sports and physical activity which may bring a significant risk or chance of injury. This isn't just about football players, either. From gymnastics to baseball and basketball, mouth guards should always be worn.

Why Mouth Guards?

Just as a helmet may prevent a concussion, mouth guards may prevent serious dental injuries by preventing lacerations and bruises, as well as minimizing the risk of broken and damaged teeth and other related injuries or issues.

Mouth guards are especially important for those who have braces, as the braces and brackets can cause cuts on your gums, lips and cheeks, and may also require expensive and extensive repairs when impacted.

There are three main types of mouth guards:

  1. Basic or stock mouth guards are the least expensive, and also the least effective. May be uncomfortable to wear and may not provide a good fit. May also make breathing difficult when wearing.
  2. "Boil and bite" mouth guards are a cost-effective solution which provides a degree of customization. You soften the material by heating them in water, and then inserting them into your mouth to re-shape to the form of your teeth and jaw.
  3. Custom-fitted mouth guards are the best solution for the best protection and comfort. These are made with a full casting of your teeth, providing for superior fit, and long-lasting, complete protection.

One important note is that mouth protectors are typically used to cover the upper teeth, although they may sometimes be worn on lower teeth as well.

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