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Oral Cancer Information: Warning Signs, Prevention

While it's not the most discussed form of cancer, oral cancer is actually one of the most common varieties. Worse, it actually has one of the lowest survival rates, with less than half of all people diagnosed being cured.

Oral cancer may occur anywhere in the mouth, including the tongue, which is most common, the lips, gums, and soft palate tissue. People of all ages may be of risk, with men who are 40 or older generally being the highest risk category.

If untreated, oral cancer could also spread to other areas, and further complications may arise as well.

Oral Cancer Warning Signs: What to Look For

Catching any form of cancer early is always one of the best strategies to have a successful outcome. Early warning signs include lumps, breaks, or patchy areas and lesions in the mouth. However, these may not be painful, which makes detection more difficult.

Other warning signs may include hoarseness and difficulty swallowing, unusual bleeding and sores which won't heal, and lumps and growths in nearby areas as well.

Oral cancer is most typically treated by removing the tumor via surgery.

Preventing Oral Cancer

Tobacco and alcohol use are two of the biggest causes of oral cancer. As such, quitting smoking and the usage of other tobacco products, and limiting alcohol intake, are both preventative measures. Overexposure to the sun is also a risk factor, and oral cancer may also have hereditary risk as well.

A healthy and well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is useful for helping to prevent all types of illnesses and conditions, and maintaining your health. Regular dental appointments are also useful in catching oral cancer before it becomes more severe.

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