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Diagnodent  – Laser Cavity Detection System

The Diagnodent laser cavity detection system is one of the most important, useful dental technologies to emerge in recent years. Traditional cavity detection technologies such as the x-ray can miss as many as 50 percent of cavities – particularly cavities that are in their early stages when it is most beneficial to detect them. While fluoridation of water and other fluoride exposure hardens teeth, making them less susceptible to cavities, it also makes existing cavities more difficult to detect. Now, with Diagnodent, we can detect even the smallest of cavities early, before significant decay has set in.

How it Works
The Diagnodent laser probe sends out a beam of light into the tooth while a sensor in the probe receives light beams as they are reflected back. A healthy tooth should have a fairly consistent translucence, one that does not vary much as light passes through it. The light that is reflected back into the sensor changes significantly when it encounters a cavity. The sensor reads this change, translates the difference into a digital display and audio signal, indicating the presence of a cavity. Numerous tests have proven the Diagnodent system to be 90-plus percent accurate.

It is important to note that x-rays are still very useful in detecting certain kinds of cavities, particularly those in the root structure and in between teeth. Diagnodent is best suited for cavities on the top surfaces of back teeth, where they are most difficult to detect. At Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we will typically use both detection methods in order to ensure that you are cavity free.

Advantages of early cavity detection are :

  • Less restorative work is necessary – smaller cavities often can be repaired with no drills and no needles
  • More of your natural tooth can be preserved
  • Your filling will increase the structural integrity of the tooth and resist further decay
  • Lower dental cost – early detection means fewer complications and future dental visits.

The Wand® – Virtually pain free dentistry

This is a revolutionary change in the method to administer anesthetic. The source of pain in most anesthetic delivery options is not in the needle itself but due to the flow of anesthetic to the tissue. The Wand® requires less penetration force and the flow rate of the anesthetic is controlled by a microprocessor instead of the pressure of your thumb, making this more precise. For anyone who fears injections at all, this takes most of the anxiety, pain and fear out of the anesthetic injections. It neither looks like nor feels like a regular syringe. Guests are more comfortable throughout any dental procedure. It also eliminates numbness to the face and lips, making your recovery time from a dental procedure much more pleasant and considerably shorter.

Intra-Oral Camera – Vipercam® and Digital Camera

Digital Imaging Software

A picture is worth a thousand words. With the use of the Intra-oral camera, digital photography and digital software, our diagnostic abilities are greatly improved and you are able to see and help us in co-discovering your oral health.

Laser-Vivadent ® Diode Soft Tissue laser

We use our state of the art Soft Tissue Laser for

  • Gum contouring
  • To expose more tooth surface
  • Treatment of Aphthous ulcers
  • Biopsy
  • Frenum removal
  • Periodontal disease treatment

Treatment is done a in bloodless, painless comfortable manner with faster healing.

Casey® Education System

Our patient education system answers most of the commonly asked questions. If for any reason, you do not get a satisfactory answer to any of your dental needs, please do not hesistate to call our office.

Denlite® Lighted Mirror


EagleSoft® Software

Allows for complete electronic charting and record keeping of patients.

Isolite i2

Benefits of the isolite system:

  • Increased visibility. By lighting the patient’s oral cavity from within the mouth, Isolite provides a unique, shadowless illumination.
  • Quick, reliable isolation. Isolite is the only dental device that delivers continuous retraction, protection and aspiration.
  • Easy-to-insert and comfortable for the patient, the Isolite mouthpiece can be inserted in only a few seconds and removed even more quickly
  • Disposable mouthpiece eliminates risk of cross-contamination and provides effective compliance with infection control protocol
  • Continuous aspiration reduces airborne aerosols by up to 75% protecting the patient
  • Bite block makes it more comfortable for the patient and provides protection from aspiration.