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Dental Prevention: At-Home Dental Hygiene & Oral Health Tips

The best approach for maintaining proper dental hygiene and oral health is simple at-home maintenance. With the right dental prevention tips and strategies, you'll enjoy a bright, clean smile, and minimize major issues before they become a problem.

As a leading dentist in Clarksville and Columbia Maryland, we recommend that all of our patients and their families follow these simple at-home dental prevention tips:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Use soft-bristled toothbrushes with a circular motion. Be sure to cover all teeth, and all sides and surfaces of your teeth.
  • Floss daily, utilizing an up and down motion while keeping the floss against the tooth surface for maximum effectiveness.
  • Use antiseptic or fluoride mouthwashes daily.
  • If you don't have time to brush after lunch in the middle of the day, simply rinse your mouth with water for 30-60 seconds to remove build-up and food particles.
  • Maintain a balanced, healthy diet. Foods which are bad for your waistline tend to be bad for your teeth, too.
  • Another no-no for your health which is also bad for your oral health and dental hygiene is smoking.


More specific recommendations or guidelines may be given to you based upon your specific circumstances. But with the above strategies, anybody can easily succeed with proper dental prevention at home.

For any questions about maintaining proper dental hygiene and oral health at home, or to schedule an appointment for your regular cleaning, call our Clarksville, MD dental office at 410.531.5639 or use our appointment form today.