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Proper Tooth Care: Steps & Common Dental Care Treatments

 When it comes to proper tooth care that you'll receive at your dentist, there are a variety of common treatments or procedures that you may encounter. Here, you'll learn about some of these and what you can expect with the process of each, when you may need or want to receive them, and more.

 Beyond a basic cleaning, some of the more common dental care treatments that patients will experience include x-rays, which are used to detect problems which may not be seen by the naked eye alone, as well as fillings and sealants, and treatment for excessive or uneven gums.

 Braces and orthodontia are also quite common, and one option which has continued to become more popular is Invisalign. Invisalign is an option for adults and teens which straightens teeth without braces, using a series of clear aligners.

 We also provide custom mouth guards and protectors for many of our patients. Protecting your teeth is one of the most essential aspects of tooth care, after all. Custom-fitted mouth guards made from a full casting of your teeth provide the best protection, and a superior and more comfortable fit as well.

 To schedule an appointment with one of the leading dentists in Columbia, Maryland, please feel free to call our office directly at 410.531.5639. We'll be happy to answer your questions or get you started with more information on proper tooth care, and some of the common dental care treatments we offer our patients.