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Dental X-Rays: Information & Guide

Ever wonder why, how, or when dental X-rays are used? Learn all about dental X-rays with this informative guide.

Dental X-rays work because when X-rays pass through your mouth, they're absorbed by denser areas more, including teeth and bone. When the X-rays pass through your mouth and strike the film, they create an image representation which showcases structure and will also be able to detect cavities, gum disease and other abnormalities. These areas will be darker on the film than the teeth and bone structure, due to more X-ray penetration.

The purpose of the X-ray is therefore most importantly to detect problems which may not have otherwise been detected.

Scheduling frequency for dental X-rays depends upon your specific health needs and circumstances, including age, risk for disease, signs and symptoms, medical and dental history, and more.

Children typically receive more frequent X-rays than adults as their teeth and jaws are still developing, and therefore new problems may be arising. Additionally, they are more likely to develop tooth decay.

New and improved technology and processes are available to minimize exposure to radiation from X-rays, including high-speed films, and even digital X-rays. At our office, we always strive to offer the latest, best and safest treatments.

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